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David Bradley, Executive Vice-President of Assystem GPS
David Bradley, Executive Vice-President of Assystem GPS (Crédits : Assystem)
As a supplier to major aerospace contractors, Assystem is expected to be present at the Paris international aeronautics and space show to present its new services and products, in particular those of its Global Product Solutions (GPS) division.

Assystem GPS comprises activities related to research and development (R&D), production and support services for Assystem's aeronautics, automotive and industrial sectors.

"With nearly 10,000 employees, Assystem GPS, renamed Assystem Technology, will continue to develop its services throughout the product lifecycle, from research and development (R&D), manufacturing and supply chain services to maintenance services, which we are developing with, for example, the acquisition of Aerotec Concept, a recognised player in the market for modifications and adaptations of aircraft and helicopters", said David Bradley, Executive Vice-President of Assystem GPS.

Assystem teams have introduced the digital revolution in all areas of the Company's business, from "in-depth" data analysis to product functioning, introducing new technologies and deploying, for example, Industry 4.0 in its customers' factories. The trend leans towards increased connectivity, increasingly autonomous operations and performance optimisation, three developments that constitute the very heart of the added value that Assystem Technology provides its customers.

"During the Paris Air Show, Assystem Technology will highlight six themes that we consider essential for our development in the aerospace industry: data science, Factory 4.0, In Service, positioning as a solution integrator, and space and systems", said David Bradley.

Double-digit growth

In the future, Assystem Technology will continue to deliver results-based solutions to its customers. Organic growth (around 10%) will continue at this pace, and the Company will continue to add new expertise, such as Aerotec, and expand its presence in new countries, such as Sweden, particularly through external growth. "The goal is to reach €1bn in sales, which I think should be achieved by 2020", said David Bradley.

Last May, Assystem SA sold 60% of the Global Product Solutions division to Ardian, a leading independent investment fund that manages $60bn in assets and is already investing in the aerospace sector and services. Olivier Aldrin, formerly Deputy Managing Director of the Altran Group, is expected to become Chairman of the Management Board of the Company from the date of the transaction at the end of September.

"Since its creation in 2014, Assystem Technology's revenues have reached a turnover of nearly €600m with approximately 10,000 jobs. Its growth continues and accelerates. The agreement between Assystem and Ardian, which should be finalised at the end of September, will hand over 60% of Assystem Technology and 40% of Assystem SA to Ardian with both partners sharing common values. Ardian's involvement will accelerate the growth of Assystem Technology and will make this company one of the major players in engineering services in our sectors", said Olivier Aldrin, the future Chairman of the Management Board of Assystem Technology.


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